Do you Really need a Will?

Probably. But maybe not. If you’re young and single or married and have no children, then if you die accidentally, all of your money goes to your spouse anyway, if you have no children, and if you’re not married, then everything goes to your parents. If you’re okay with that, maybe you don’t need a […]

Unintended Consequences

A client relayed a story to me earlier with respect to what happened when her mom died last year out in Wisconsin. Mom had put post-its on all the furniture and paintings and pictures indicating which should go to her daughters and grand-daughters and cousins, etc. Some of the items had been brought over from […]

Using Joint Bank Accounts to Transfer Money

Many people think that a good way to setup a bank account is by adding someone’s name to the account. Most of the time, this method is either recommended by someone at the bank, or one of your friends or neighbors. A lawyer will almost never recommend this method of transferring assets at death, because […]